Earloops Holder for Face Masks
Earloops Holder for Face Masks
Earloops Holder for Face Masks
Earloops Holder for Face Masks

Earloops Holder for Face Masks

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No more pain.

Rest your ears and breathe easily.

  • Light and Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • One size fit all

Compatible with surgical face masks and cloth masks.

8 colours: Blue, Pink, Red, Brown, Chocolate, Army, Black, Navy
Material: Faux Leather
Size: 12.5cmx2cm/4.92*0.79in

Earloops Holder for Face Masks
Earloops Holder for Face Masks

Customer Reviews

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al owen
Loop it?

I brilliant idea it saves getting tangled up with my hearing aid & specs.

Many thanks for. your five stars review. Yes it is a very popular product and really works. I am glad that helps you.
Stay safe and see you soon

Andrew Henry

Simple idea that works very effectively for me, can’t leave home without it!

It is a great complement to adjust the mask. Thank you for y our five stars review.
Stay safe

Earloops holder

Bit fiddly to fit initially but soon got used to it. Face mask much tighter fit now. Very pleased with it.

Thank you for your five stars review. Yes earloops holders are a great complement that helps. Stay safe and see you soon!

Charles Atkinson
Earloops present as an adjunct to face mask comfort and fit

Despite face masks having Earloops that are comfortable persae, it is a fact that peoples facial dimensions differ when it comes to the use and wearing of the masks. This is were the Earloop come inti it own, by wearing the Earloop positioned behind the head connected to the face mask you are able to tweak the contours of the mask to fit your face and get rid of those irritating gaps at the side if the face mask, it also assists in stopping the mask slipping of your nose whilst conversing with others. It presents as easy to use, simply move the Earloop positioned at the back of the head up or down to achieve your own individual comfort and fit.

Thank you Charles for your detailed explanation of how the ear loops work for you.
Thank you also for the lovely 5 stars and support to UK manufacturing. See you next time you need masks and stay safe.

Janice Griffiths
Ear loops come unstuck

We’ve had some masks break just putting them on. Unable to use ear loop holder and too fiddly to use.
Also was supposed to be sent glasses masks but normal masks sent.

Hi Janice, Thanks for the feedback. For the last month, we only sell Securfit masks and all current production has Securfit labelled on the box/bags. You would have received the correct ones as I checked your order. If you have experienced some ear loop issues, I will certainly put this right for you. The ear loop holder is something we sell to help the masks fit better. If it was fiddly to use, I am sorry. Keep safe